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Originally Posted by Ninety View Post
Don't the police usually "empty their mag" When they fire?

Um, NO. I investigated several officer involved shootings as a field supervisor and watch commander, somewhere between 10-12 over the years. Not once did the officers "empty the mag" and the average was 3-4 rounds fired. That doesn't include the shootings I was in, where the least fired was a double tap, and the most was 8 rounds, 5 from a shotgun and 3 from my handgun against 3 armed suspects. One had an AK, one had a 9mm, and the other had a .32 auto. The guys with the AK and 9mm fired first.

Why would a civilian who does the same thing need to worry about reckless endangerment?

There in no crime of "reckless endangerment" in California. It is a term reserved for TV and movies. You will be required to account for, and justify every round you fire, just like I was. That's the way it should be.
I investigated a lot of citizen/homeowner shootings over the years. Only once was the homeowner arrested, and that was because he basically executed a prowler. He tampered with the crime scene and there was zero justification to shoot. A neighbor saw him put the finishing shot into him after he was down.

Back to the OP's question....if you legally own the magazines, and your permit doesn't specifically restrict their use, you can use them.
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