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No offense intended in saying this but this topic has been discussed before and suggested again and again - just like the people wanting separate Socal / Norcal for sale sections . When in all actuality if everyone put their location like the rules state to do makes way more sense than making more work for the mods that are already spread really thin just to save people time that are to lazy to look for what they want . It really just makes no sense even less so when you think about it / consider your logic is flawed since what your asking would honestly create even more clutter in the for sale sections from members who would then have to make multiple posts if they have both rifles and pistols to sell . Regulating these new sections ( like people don't have a hard enough time finding the right section already ) pretty much just equals less time Mods are on the site doing what needs to be done for the rest of us which negates them dealing with real problems which in turn makes it harder on the forum as a whole for us all just because you don't want to sift through both !!!

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