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I met my wife when I was 27 and never gave much thought about her outlook on guns. I was too interested in wooing her at the time to care.

She bought me an UZI for my 28th birthday and it opened up a lot of dialogue about firearms. Seems she used to roam around on horseback in Colorado outside Aspen with her own Winchester and one time bagged a cat that kept stalking her. She also told me then, how she would always have a gun around if she had it her way.

At that time I owned a .357 and .25. Fast forward 30 years and we own over 30 firearms. She has her own .357, a couple shotguns and has pretty much taken ownership of my mini-14. She was a damn good shot before she started to get ill. (Lupus)

I got real lucky with my wife because she enjoys everything weve done over the years from traveling on my Harleys, to four-wheeling with the Jeep, the mountain vacations, photography, traveling, etc. She is always game and loves nature.

I would say to those out there that dont have a permanent relationship to make sure when you chose a partner, it goes beyond the physical. Common interests and breathing room are 2 things that made our relationship go a long way. I couldnt imagine making it 5 years with a person that you have nothing in common with. Lifes to short, you both need to be happy.

Do something you love with someone you love!
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