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Originally Posted by madoka View Post

You seemed to have forgotten the purpose of a GHB. It's to get home. In this case, you don't care about gas anyways because presumably you now have to walk home. But that doesn't mean that you car is now suddenly on empty. That doesn't mean you need heavy rations for your day long walk. That doesn't mean food and water riots will begin the day some disaster happens.
The tin foil smiley seems to be the favorite tool those looking to justify their own refusal to prep. I have to ask why are you in a survival thread if you think it's going to rain kool-aid and candy on your way home? But your theory is fine if you're healthy and uninjured, a one day walk from home, there are no major detours, and you're in an area where water is plentiful all along the way without any electricity to pump it and the pipes aren't broken. But you also need to realize that not everyone is in your exact same situation.

Finally, you don't need 99% of stores to be open. Just the ones that can sell you food and water. And those convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets will all just switch over to cash.
That's right up there with hitching rides on unicorns. A few mom and pops might remain open in your area but I have yet to see a supermarket or 7-11 switch to cash during a major power outage and if they did most working there lack the math skills to make change - assuming they have any. But beyond that if it's a major quake or social unrest or earthquake with mass looting situation you have people that will want to get home to check on their own families and you're likely to see a run on any stores that are still open. But you're too smart to prepare for any of that.

Of course not all of us have just a few hours worth of walking past scores of friendly abacus equipped mom and pop stores overflowing with supplies. Some live further and may not pass anything including water for 20 miles or more. Some have kids and aren't going to make 25 miles a day with a herd of hungry toddlers. Some up north may even have to contend with snow and that GHB becomes their sit out being snowed in bag. That's why we have survival and preparation threads. BTW if you do get stranded it's a whole lot easier to take what you decide based on current circumstances that don't need out of your bag and leave it than it is to conjure up what you neglected to pack in the first place and suddenly realize that you need.
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