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Originally Posted by NOTABIKER View Post
if you work for BIG 5 and have a answer please chime in. last week i tried 3 BIG 5s and not a single MOSIN. a friend that works at the BREA store checked the warehouse and said ZERO. considering they always have MOSINS i doubt it is from a mad rush to buy MOSINS. Maybe they are pulling MOSINS from their stores also.
i live literally less then 5 minuts away from big 5 in brea off birch. do you think you friend could hook a someone with say a single brick of 22lr remington gold bullets?

ps they have not pulled a single item from the stores, they have been told by the uppers in the company to not display ar style rifles and god only knows what else. they still carry them but they will not bring them from the back room to even inspect them.
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