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I have bolt guns too. So what? I wont hint to any lawmaker what guns I'd like to see exepted. I have others that wont be... What would I care if I can keep some, and not others?

What you are asking everyone, is to **help you** and a small percentage of gun owners (hunters in Ca) get off the hook scott free. At which time, you all sit back and not care at all, since you got no dog in this fight.....

While what is needed, is **ALL OF US** to stand together and say F^%# NO! Not one inch!!!!!

And... people have already stated thats how the safe gun list came about in the first place.... "Congradulations, you got to keep your cowboy six shooters... and now they will decide what else you might be able to own...."

We do not want a repeat of history. Thats it. Thats the 'educational lesson' you seem to ignore.

And then of course... as mentioned long ago in the thread, the more blatant the ban is, the more people that are affected, the better (long term for injunction and court).

All you're doing is rehashing this sentimate of "I got mine" yall can fend for yourselves, turned into "help me keep mine" and I dont care about your black rifles getting banned... Which has divided us far too many times before.
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