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Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
One positive step we can take is calling Darrell Steinberg's office and your Representative's office and encourage them to make an exemption list of "legitimate hunting rifles". Senator Steinberg is the senator in my district and his office said this is something in consideration. Suggest Feinstein's exemption list as a starting point.

None of us want to see a semi-auto ban but if you enjoy hunting (and I do very much) then you'll call or write to protect hunting rifles such as the Browning BAR long/short trac, the Benelli R-1, the Ruger 10/22, other rifles we all know are NOT "Assault Rifles"!
My suggestion would be to go back to the Brady Campaign boards, you will get a far more positive reception.

AR-15s are "legitimate hunting rifles", the only hunting I have ever done was removing pests like squirrles from peoples property, and for that I used either a bolt action .17hmr or my AR.

All your idea is going to do is make it easier to pass, then later they will come back and take away what was exempted before.
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