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Originally Posted by sholling View Post
Gas stations can't pump gas without electricity and while a few mom and pop stores will be open 99% of stores will not run without electricity. BTW you won't be the only one shopping at that 1% of stores that remain open so expect them to be empty within hours.

You seemed to have forgotten the purpose of a GHB. It's to get home. In this case, you don't care about gas anyways because presumably you now have to walk home. But that doesn't mean that you car is now suddenly on empty. That doesn't mean you need heavy rations for your day long walk. That doesn't mean food and water riots will begin the day some disaster happens.

Finally, you don't need 99% of stores to be open. Just the ones that can sell you food and water. And those convenience stores, grocery stores, and supermarkets will all just switch over to cash.
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