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Originally Posted by Caseless View Post
For those of us who are too laid back to prepare our own kits, you can pick up a low cost bare-essentials kit. The severe weather survival kits are very compact and I keep one in each car. They even include heat reflective survival blanket.
That's where this 2-person/3-day kit with pack comes in. It's cheaper and has more supplies and if you want a cheap folding shovel you can get them from $10-70 depending on quality. It's really more of a 1-person/3-day if you're burning calories walking but there is room for more stuff (see my earlier posting). If you have kids then something like this basic or deluxe 4-person/3-day kit makes since.

Originally Posted by madoka View Post
Some of you guys need a reality check.

Even if a major earthquake were to suddenly jam up all the roads, it's not as if you'd have to walk through some post-apocalyptic wasteland on your way back home. I'm sure there will be plenty of 7-11s and gas station convenience stores on the route back. Society will not disappear in the day or so it takes for you to walk back home.
Gas stations can't pump gas without electricity and while a few mom and pop stores will be open 99% of stores will not run without electricity. BTW you won't be the only one shopping at that 1% of stores that remain open so expect them to be empty within hours.
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