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Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
OMG sometimes I swear you guys get too fired up. You do know I have plenty of stuff I'm going to have to register and I reject this bill completely. However, we all know this garbage is going to pass and at least we could get some stuff exempted like we did in 1999 with .22s.

Seriously, can one recommendation happen here without it turning into a ruckus? Nobody want to register anything and it sucks period but getting hunting rifles exempted makes it suck not as bad because once a hunting rifle is an "assault rifle" you can't easily hunt with it.

Sigh... Forget I said anything!
I have a bunch of hunting rifles that will likely be exempt. It doesn't mean I intend to give even an inch. And even if exempt, I don't intend to register them for some future control scheme.

The battle lines have been drawn. Feel free to surrender before hostilities start if you want. There can be no appeasement in this case.
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