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Originally Posted by madoka View Post
Some of you guys need a reality check.

Even if a major earthquake were to suddenly jam up all the roads, it's not as if you'd have to walk through some post-apocalyptic wasteland on your way back home. I'm sure there will be plenty of 7-11s and gas station convenience stores on the route back. Society will not disappear in the day or so it takes for you to walk back home.
What if some of those gas stations are damaged and unsafe because fuel lines may have ruptured? We're talking about earthquakes after all.

If it's bad enough, I would imagine that minimum wage workers in the stores that are still standing will most likely want to lock their doors and go to see about their families and make sure everyone's safe and then check damage to their own homes.

Best case situation, it's just a parking lot on the roads and all grocery stores/convenience stores are all still operating as if nothing happened. But it's a very big possibility that ATMs and credit card machines are down after an earthquake.

Look at our own history in this country with natural disasters. Being ready for anything takes a strain off of first responders at the very least.

I'd rather be safe than sorry. That's cool if you don't, your life is yours to live however you like.
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