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Originally Posted by gigglemonkee View Post
For the record I am not even into ARs but am into consumer advocacy. Requiring addons of high margin items is nothing new in business. But their cost is less than most for example a sig 226 costs them 619 and they sell for 1080. That is fine but gouging for more money is wrong and I responded by saying no and going over to Duncan's instead

I hope you don't eat at any restaurant because their mark-up is 100% or more. I also hope you don't plan on buying a diamond... ever. They're dime a dozen and yet jewelry stores charge so much for them.

Again, if the buyer is willing to spend what the seller is asking for the product then all is good. It's called supply and demand. And gouging is only unacceptable when it comes to essential items. A gun, while a tool for self-defense, is not an essential item.

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