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Big 5 corporate is not very pro gun and is more worried about PC than rights. Hence the pulling of .223 AR platform rifles and the mandate that .22lr "assault" looking rifles are pulled from display. Not to mention the reduction in firearms placed in the newspaper ads.

BUT the main problem is the DC. Right now Big 5 stores are having trouble getting anything in. Many trucks come with 0 boxes of 9mm, 22lr, or .223. Some trucks have only 3 guns as opposed to pre newtown when 10+ might be the regular. Whether this is the supply or due to the higher ups is unknown.

Mosins are not any different than any of the other firearms and the quantities and frequency of their shipments have drastically been reduced.

Best bet is to hop on your local stores firearm waiting list, but be prepared to wait as some stores are still trying to service customers from December.

Originally Posted by kcjr1125 View Post
big 5 in elcajon i think has a mosin sniper (dont know if its real or not tho) believe its 600+
The rifle is not a proper sniper, every single one I have inspected has a repo scope on it.
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