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Default What the hell?!

This thread started out being kind of useful and informative, but went downhill quick. I was going to walk away from this thread because it appeared the usefulness of it had long since left the room.

The last time I went skeet shooting was with my uncle when I was around 13 or 14 years old and I had a great time. I recently acquired a nice Miroku o/u and was thinking of taking one of the clinics and getting back into skeet.

After reading this thread I'm not so certain. My time is precious and I will not spend it in the company of people that place themselves above others based on possessions, dress codes, or stereotyping. I can scratch my shooting itch just as easily punching paper and I know most of the people I run into won't look down on me because I'm not shooting a $3k AR or 1911. We are all there to shoot and it doesn't matter if it's a $100 SKS or a $3k Noveske with all the bells and whistles.

At ysr_racer and alfred1222: Congratulations on potentially turning off a potential new skeet shooter. You may want to remember that when you are talking to people not involved in your sport about your sport, you become an ambassador for your sport. You may wish to consider your words and the affect they have a bit more carefully next time.

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