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Originally Posted by becciboo View Post
Yes yes yes! I'm in the process of purchasing my first gun right now and I asked my husband why he's not excited at all about this. He said he's worried because we have a kid.. And it's not "safe"
I think it is vitally important that your husband should go to a handgun safety class, ASAP. And your child too, if she's old enough.

It's scary to have any adult in a house with a gun, who does not know how to handle it safely. (I'm having visions of your hubby being home alone with your child and some crack head starts to break in. Dollars to donuts he'd reach for your gun to defend your child, ethics or no ethics...)

Safety first, always.
Do only safe sex. Never have sex with someone crazier than you are.
Don't marry or move in together before you're both at least 25.
Don't have children until you're married five years or at least age 30.
Put 10% of your salary into savings every month no matter how broke you are.
Don't ever screw around with the IRS.
Keep a handgun on your bedside table.
Don't smart-mouth judges, or cops who stop you on the road.
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