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Originally Posted by becciboo View Post
Yes yes yes! I'm in the process of purchasing my first gun right now and I asked my husband why he's not excited at all about this. He said he's worried because we have a kid.. And it's not "safe" Despite, you know, having a safe. And being pretty educated about gun safety. They really need to add this to the premarital counseling questionaires!
Agreed re: the questionnaires

Have you taken him out shooting yet?

Guns/self defense is a complicated topic. Personally, I think it comes down to a person's natural fight/flight response. From everything I have read. a person's chance of survival in a sticky situation seems to decline rapidly when they go against their innate response.

Kids are an interesting topic too. I myself don't know how I feel about having readily accessible firearms around kids. I've heard all the different opinions on the topic. I think it depends on your kid. I don't know if there is a way to ever be 100% safe, but I think you can be 100% responsible. It seems that there is no perfect answer. If you don't want them to get at it without supervision, it would seem that you have to store it in a way that is not readily accessible to anyone.

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