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Default "FEEL" of an AR15 / Colt M4... any difference?

For those that have actually fired a 'high-end' AR15 (i.e. Colt, Noveske, etc.), do different components like the heavier M16 style BCG or heavier H-stamped buffer make the rifle 'feel' different when fired than say, entry level rifles without those parts?

I'm not asking 'which-brand-is-better' or 'is-it-worth-it', I'm just wondering for those that have actually fired a Colt M4 (for example) and an entry level brand if the higher end parts improve the 'feel' of a rifle when fired. And yes, I know every rifle feels different, I guess I'm wondering about the heavier BCG and buffer (or any other high end parts) if those components translates to any difference in feel, however small.
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