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Originally Posted by lwlaml View Post
You state there's a problem with my theory. What theory is that? I wasn't trying to state any theories nor dictate anything with my attitude on this subject. Did it come across that way to you? I asked whether you had to be old, white, and rich to fit in or if being respectful and displaying safe gun handling was enough to be accepted. Not sure if you addressed this in your response.

Reads like you're pretty passionate about this and have had some bad experiences with whom you call the tacticool crowd. Honestly, I'm not sure who these people are as I havent had to deal with what you've described below. I shoot USPSA every weekend with a hundred only shooters and 3-gun twice a month. I only shoot skeet and sporting clays four to six times each month so maybe I've just been lucky.

I don't like obnoxious jerks. I also don't like dangerous people. I have educated several on acceptable public behavior and proper gun handling on multiple occasions, especially when my kids are with me. A few of these have been old and white. Can't comment on wealth. I think your handling of these situations is appropriate and I think it's a shame these people inconvenience you the way they do. It's not right. Still, I'm not certain I understand your point. Are you against the tacticool crowd or are you saying you have to conform in all aspects (e.g. Old, white, rich) in order to belong?
See, three gun and USPSA are two types or sports where the social aspect, as I see it, are not so firmly ingrained in the sport. Your squad, and the general attitude of the squad, can affect an entire game. I love the game I choose to compete in, and I don't like seeing its traditions and rules sullied by people who do not respect the game or others playing it. I, personally, am not white or old. I'm young (20), and wouldn't pass off as white to anyone who saw me. My wealth is not of issue. If being white, old, and rich are the standards for being part of the club, I can't imagine why me, or the other non-white guys are accepted so readily. I think you misunderstand my point. I do not seek conformation in the sense of the people's physical or socioeconomic attributes, but rather their attitude for the game. People who I choose to shoot with and who are part of the group that I participate in are friendly, respectful, safe, and the have a real love and understanding for the game. When I shoot with them, I grow as a shooter, learn more, laugh and have a great day playing what is, is my option, the best game on Gods green earth. I, however, strongly dislike when people show up with their guns that are not designed for the sport, (honestly, 20" home defense shotguns aren't skeet guns), who have no respect for those who play with them, and are generally unsafe. They are usually the shooters who think that they can do whatever they want and that they're the experts, and who consistently break the rules and even threaten violence when confronted for those violations. I, and those that I squad with, don't play with them, and let them play through their tokens while we have a few cigars and talk. Fitting in only happens when your attitude matches the group. Not the clothes, or the skin color.
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This guy is a complete and total idiot.

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