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You state there's a problem with my theory. What theory is that? I wasn't trying to state any theories nor dictate anything with my attitude on this subject. Did it come across that way to you? I asked whether you had to be old, white, and rich to fit in or if being respectful and displaying safe gun handling was enough to be accepted. Not sure if you addressed this in your response.

Reads like you're pretty passionate about this and have had some bad experiences with whom you call the tacticool crowd. Honestly, I'm not sure who these people are as I havent had to deal with what you've described below. I shoot USPSA every weekend with a hundred only shooters and 3-gun twice a month. I only shoot skeet and sporting clays four to six times each month so maybe I've just been lucky.

I don't like obnoxious jerks. I also don't like dangerous people. I have educated several on acceptable public behavior and proper gun handling on multiple occasions, especially when my kids are with me. A few of these have been old and white. Can't comment on wealth. I think your handling of these situations is appropriate and I think it's a shame these people inconvenience you the way they do. It's not right. Still, I'm not certain I understand your point. Are you against the tacticool crowd or are you saying you have to conform in all aspects (e.g. Old, white, rich) in order to belong?

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The problem with your theory is that the majority of the "tacticool" guys don't respect others, don't know the rules, and aren't safe. I don't care what someone shoots personally. That's on them. But your attitude dictates if you fit into the group of shooters who play shotgun sports, and honestly, from my experiences, alot of these guys don't bring the proper attitude to the field. Either they boast or they b*tch, and that's both annoying and unsportsmanlike. I don't want to hear about what some random guy did in bed with the hooker he met at the bar last week when I'm getting ready to shoot my second set of doubles at 4. It simply comes down to the people who come out to the field with the wrong mindset, and unfortunately, guys who come out with a red dot on their pistol grip "shooty" are not the people I want to shoot with. They don't know the game, the rules, or the expectations of the squad. Skeet shooting and trap are both social sports, but social is a variable term, and being obnoxious is not acceptable. If someone like that comes out to where I'm shooting, ill sit back, let him waste his tokens "showing me up", and than continue my game with my squad
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