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Originally Posted by mezcan View Post
Big 5 in Capistrano Beach has tuesday ammo delivery. Line starts at about 7 a.m.. Store opens at 10 a.m.. Sold out this last tuesday by 10:30 , before the end of the line ! 1 box limit per customer .
When is this madness/hoarding going to end ?

For those of us who actually shoot every week , we are screwed. I had about 10,000 rounds for my S&W 15-22 , now I'm down to about 3500 rounds . I'll be out of range rounds in a month or so and won't use my premium hunting rounds unless hunting. Help .........
I hate to say it but I've just been shooting less. I've been spending a weekend or two a month at the lake fishing and camping instead of shooting. the problem is too many people are buying the ammo and reselling it for profit. So you have actual shooters buying, hoarders buying and resellers buying.. the demand is a lot higher than it was back in 2008 or even prior. What's really sad is I remember back during the 2008 ammo scare, the inflated gouge price for a brick of .22lr was like $20-25/box. It never went back down once things regulated, and that's pretty much the standard shelf price these days. I don't imagine you'll see much on the shelves for less than $35/brick after things regulate this time around.

My fiance went to a big 5 black friday line up twice for me, got 2 bricks of Remington GBs (that was the limit) the first time and 5 boxes of Winchester 5.56 the second time (also limit, and they only had 15 total boxes.) Doesn't seem worth it. Seems like the best way to deflate the situation is to just decrease demand as much as we can.
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