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This is sad to read.

I love most of the shooting culture and community. I shoot USPSA and 3-gun every weekend and I like shooting clays when I can. I have never heard someone in USPSA say "don't come out unless you have a gun, all your mags, belt, holster, blah blah blah." This is a very inclusive community that regularly invites newcomers to join and offers to lend equipment as needed. We know they'll get hooked (sometimes not) and get their own gear. See the competition board for examples of what I mean.

I'm not sure the point of your post ysr_racer. Not trying to be an ***, but sincerely would like to understand. Are you saying that people in a country club are all white, rich, and old so if you're not, then don't bother visiting a country club? Or are you saying shooting sports should be just like a country club where no one gets to shoot unless they're old, white and rich?

I've shot with many people at Raahauges, Triple B, and Prado and they have all been very pleasant. I'm 42 (is that old?), asian, and definitely not a Carnegie or a Rockerfeller. I've never felt unwelcome or dismissed whether I brought my Prevail or my Versa Max Tactical. None of these places felt like the country club ysr_racer described.

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All of my friends at the country club are. And guess what, show up in jeans or without a full set of clubs and you don't get to play with us.

Like I said, when in Rome...
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