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Originally Posted by mac128k View Post
This is a big one for me. I work about 40 miles from home where my family is. I always keep my GHB with me.

I'm prepared to get home by foot over the course of a few days. I have the usual food, water and travel clothes. I have a GPS and map with direct and alternate routes. Basic shelter with rope and space blankets. Multi-tool, knife, fire, light, batteries, 2-meter radio, medical kit.

I have experimented with the contents and weight. It currently sits at 19 pounds which feels really heavy. Mostly due to the food and water (MRE and pouches). I plan to go to food bars which should help. The nice thing is that it will get lighter as I eat/drink

My biggest challenge will be crossing the bay. If the bridges are out, I could "borrow" a boat. Worst case is I would have to walk around the bay but I am pretty close to that end.

None of this would be fun but I am confident I could make it. I still have tweaks to make to my bag and plan but I feel it's a good start.
I bet there would be many ferries running as well as shuttles running as possible.
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