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Originally Posted by ysr_racer View Post
Yep, and that's the attitude I was talking about in my other thread, before it got deleted.

Tacticool ninjas that are going to "show us". If you guys don't like hanging out with old guys that follow the rules, shoot safely, and shoot expensive guns, find a new place to shoot.

Like I said, most ranges that restrict barrel length do it because of the guys that shoot them, not the guns themselves.
This sounds just like the arguments for prejudice used so many years ago. They don't have the same value system as us, it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, religion, sex, etc.

You are basically trying to exclude anyone from trying out a new shooting sport because they don't fit in. No wonder the clay sports are not getting many new members.

We really should be trying to encourage more people. We should not be telling them they can't participate because we don't like telescoping stocks. If they like clay sports, they will realize on their own that different equipment will help. But instead, you want them to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment before ever stepping onto a clay range. I don't know many people willing to do this before ever trying out an activity.

There is no reason for the gun grabbers to worry. This type of discrimination of I don't like your type of gun or firearm related activity will surely give them the ability to take our guns because if it isn't your type of gun, you believe the person owning is inferior.

Please take your old rich white guy ideas from the 19th century and crawl under a rock. Not everyone is old, rich, or white.
What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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