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Originally Posted by guns4life View Post
The RO knew all the old timers by name, "mr.this" and "mr.that" guy was wearing jeans and a tshirt and put his shotgun back in the cardboard box it came in and went home.

I shoot a 28" SP1, I would have been embarrased too but that was my first time shooting clays at a legit SP1 is for upland game. Trap was a snooze-fest @ 19/25 on my first try...nothing compared to real birds.
I don't get how the RO knowing people is significant.. I know all the guys at the range I shoot at, that's just common. But the idea that some guy comes in and sweeps the floor with all the guys that shoot weekly is preposterous. Now I shoot twice a week, and my average is right around a 23. I know guys who can shoot that well with a pump, but I've never seen anyone do anything close on their first try.
Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
This guy is a complete and total idiot.

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