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My bolt bag consists as follows
1-small/medium first aid kit, added surgical pads and quik-clot
-2 MREs
-3 mountain house freezedried entrees. incase I happen to come across or shelter in a place where water is available
-5 16oz water bottles
-1 small can of spam
-1 small can of chicken spread
-1 bag of toiletries mostly for motivation (mouth wash,soap, packet of laundry soap,sewing kit,razor,shampoo,tooth brush, tooth paste)
-1 clean washrag, boxer shorts. vacuum-packed
-2 chemlights
-4 bottles of water purification tabs
-3 packs of cigarettes
-1 small can of sterno
-1 fingernail clipper
-3 books of matches, bic lighter
-1 otis weapon cleaning kit complete with bore-cleaner and CLP
-1 SA 1911
-3 mags
-1 50rnd box of .45
things I want to add
-small tac-light w/a few batteries
-lady things incase my fiancee is with me

I bring my 45 with me if I can, obviously cant bring it to work.

I only work 3 miles from home but am 20+ miles away once in awhile. If I could give any advice it would be to first take a nice long walk with your pack to see if you can huck it without getting exhausted, vacuum pack stuff (clothes)if you can.

I am not going to pack a tent or sleeping bag, there are places to hunker down for the night if need be for a couple nights, rather that be abandon/deserted buildings, maintenance rooms for the antennas up in the hills. dont really plan on taking anything other than cat-naps unless I burn a crap load of energy moving. Also I wouldnt carry an exposed weapon like a rifle or shotgun unless the situation was really bad and I was only moving at night. Might be worth starting a thread about hunkering down in abandoned/deserted buildings for resting up.

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