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I work .9 Miles from home...5 minutes by Bike...for me each vehicle is set up for a 3 day crisis. Since it is more likely I may be away from home rather then a work issue...

for example my Wifes Jeep list...
Jeep Supply list

Driver side Saddlebag

2 stocking hats
1 plastic dog bowl
Lg jeep knife
4 retort pouches emergency dog food
4) MREs
Survival in a bottle full kit
Pak-kit 2
Fire Extinguisher

Side pockets of saddlebag
Tire sealer
1pk AAA
1pk AA
Emergency flag
Shaker style flashlight

Passenger side saddlebag
2 portable dog bowls
Rain jacket for me
Trauma pack

Side pocket of saddle bag
Lip balm
Bungee cords
Emergency Radio

Orange Bag

Shoes for Howard & Me
Car safety book
Socks for both
Underwear both
Sports bra and pants for me
Kershaw blade trader Knife with different blades
Jackets for both of us
Sweatshirt for Howard

Side Pockets
Hand wipes
Dust Masks
Crank flashlight
Water bottle

Black Bag
Gas can
Jumper cables
Rechargeable Spot light
First aid kit
Brunton Solar panels
2 travel blanket sleeping bags
Battery charger/ Jump starter
Air compressor
Travel pillow
Plastic bags

Center console
Walkie talkies
Two folding knives
2 hooded ponchos
Allen wrench for cargo carrier
Small first aid kit
1 pack AA batteries
1 pack AAA batteries
2 big carbiner clips
headband flashlight
Ear plugs
Disposable Lighter
Dental picks
Ink pens
Replacement taillight bulb
Small tool kit
Waterless hand cleaner
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William Butler Yeats 1865-1939
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