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Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
I don't think it's warranted packing a tent, sleeping bag, etc in a GHB.
Agree, but a small lightweight tarp or a more rugged quilted 'mylar blanket' can help you get out of the elements if you need to huddle down for a few zz's without sacrificing weight. A hammock rainfly is a good option too.

Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
Not sure if it was mentioned but some small bills in cash and some change should be kept. Anything you can buy along the way is something you won't have to carry. Sometimes pay phones work when cell service is offline. Sometimes vendors will take cash even when power is out and charge-cards aren't working. Change works for vending machines if they're working.
QFT! Should keep cash on hand. If an earthquake has shut a lot down, cash is the way to go. Small bills a must!

Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
Maps? GPS is a godsend if it is working for you but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with technology.
Again QFT! A small paper map of the area in a freezer zip-lock bag and a compass. You don't need to have awesome orienteering skills to make it home in an urban area.

Originally Posted by bruss01 View Post
Lastly, how is your bag secured?
Good point. Personally, I have an SUV so keeping things out of sight is a must.
Putting things under seats is a good way to do that. Also keeping your vehicles non-descript is another good one. Not flashy and mine is usually dirty.
You could always get a bicycle lock and lock them down to the steel seat brackets and padlock the zippers. If someone wants to take the time after breaking in to unbolt or cut your bags free or bolt cutters to get in, then there's not much else you can do.
If someone were to break in and steal my truck bags, I wouldn't be out but maybe $150 in gear which includes the two modular sleep systems. Not much.

One thing to note, if you keep cash in your bag and your bag mostly stays in the car... don't keep the cash IN the bag. So if it did get stolen, they wouldn't get cash.

Another thing I wanted to mention is to keep your fuel tanks at least half full all the time, no excuses. Don't ride it to empty ever.
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