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I live up about 1600' on top of a mountain, about 18 mile commute but all uphill so really not many 'alternative routes'.

I keep a backpack on me daily with some stuff. Plus I have another bag and two military modular sleep systems (with the waterproof bivy included) under the backseat bench of my truck. I usually drive my motorcycle in nice weather (so about 7 months of the year) which means all I have is my backpack. But it also gives me more abilities to get around problems and traffic in the event of 'the big one' hitting my area.

My GHB which is my daily carry backpack has a good bit of stuff in it. This is all from memory so I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Bag weight - about 15 pounds:
  • bungee cords - used mostly when on my motorcycle
  • 4Sevens AA^2 flashlight
  • small molle wallet- extra folder, pen, sharpie, mask, rain poncho, fresnel magnifier, signal mirror, handkerchief, mini rite in the rain notebook, cash in small denominations, copies of licenses, surgical mask
  • mini ifak
  • small am/fm radio w/o batteries
  • 12 hour glowsticks x2
  • extra pair wool socks
  • katadyn mybottle
  • yard gloves
  • paracord (50 ft)
  • paracord necklace - firestarter striker, bic wrapped in tape, whistle, compass, mini-maglight, AAA battery, katadyn water purifying tabs
  • lifestraw
  • small camping flare
  • AA batteries x4
  • 1L platy bottle
  • 2x cliff bars
  • silcock key
  • Riveted Space Blanket - heavy duty with rivets
  • bic lighter wrapped in gorilla tape and a zip tie to keep it from getting pressed and leaking the gas
  • map of the greater bay area since I still don't know all the roads well
  • glasses case with extra glasses in case I'm wearing contacts and dust or whatever is problematic
  • shemagh
  • brunton portable solar panel with AA charger
  • cell phone charger
  • poncho
  • zip ties
Here's a pic of all the contents:

In my truck bag (not on my person unless I'm having to walk home due to an earthquake or whatever):
  • Mora knife
  • Large road flares in case of a breakdown on the road
  • Two 5x8 tarps
  • poncho liner x2
  • more paracord
  • small version of the Stanley Fubar
  • Extra tools for the truck in case of roadside problem
  • zip ties

On my person:
  • phone/wallet/keys
  • Kershaw folder
  • Leatherman P4 multitool
  • PT709 slim with IWB holster - when at work it stays legally locked up in the truck or stored locked in bike
  • Danner gore-tex waterproof boots and wool socks
  • Paracord bracelet has about 9 feet of paracord and just looks cool.
  • water resistant jacket with a altoids tin in the pocket that's full of extra goodies like a small LED light, extra Leatherman PS4, water tab, bandaids, neosporin, etc.
Here's a pic of my pocket contents (I emptied them before this picture) and the bag itself.

This is the bottom of my backpack, I've weaved 50' of paracord and then pulled it through the molle webbing on the bottom of the backpack:

The absolute worst case situation is something happens at work and I can't even get to my truck/bike (say falling building demolished it or whatever) so I have nothing but what's on me and my backpack.

If I can get to my truck, my 'best case situation' is to get as far as I can with the truck and when the roads become unpassable (kinda like when a wreck happens on 101 during rushhour but 100x worse), I grab my GHB backpack and strap whatever I can to it from my truck bags using paracord and bungees to make it home without being over burdened by weight - ideally keeping it under 20 pounds which is just under 1/5 my body weight.

Because I am climbing 1600 feet up a mountain to get home, it's not a straight shot but instead windy narrow roads which may have been covered by falling redwoods and the like, I can't be sure I can do it in one day (assuming night time and weather).

I may need to shelter for the night to warm up or dry off. So I have at least a tarp and blanket and ways to safely start fire to dry or warm up.

Because earthquakes scare the beejeebus out of me, it's something I've thought about a lot. If people are interested, I can post pictures later on when I get home and update the list with anything I missed.

edited: to add items I missed
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