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When I first started shooting shotgun (skeet, trap 5 stand) all I had was a sidexside 12 with full chokes and my Rem 1100 I used for 3 gun. The 1100 had a tube that holds 10 extra, fiber optic front/rear sights and an Arredondo speed chute for quick loads. Several old timers asked what the stuff was for and checked out the gun. I did OK, not great just OK, What will happen is you will either get frustrated and quit or like me figure out what will work and end up buying more guns. Just like everything else sure some things are multi purpose but do they do great in all things, no, just OK in all things. HD works for HD and maybe for skeet. Skeet guns work for skeet and maybe for HD. Use what you brung and enjoy, after you get great, use a little Mossy camo 410 pump just cause you don't care (not me a friend) and challenge yourself not others.
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