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I've had T-mobile for a few years now. My wife has been with them for ages, and dragged me in from AT&T and Sprint. My take:

GREAT customer service. Quick to handle issues, and the "4 issues in 90 day" policy means if you have a lousy phone, you get a different one if yours keep failing. That's how I got out of the craptastic LG G2X I had. Unfortunately, the replacement isn't going to be the latest/greatest superphones, it will be one of the cheaper models, but still a smartphone.

Coverage is lacking, but they bought out US Cellular recently and will be adding their towers, and the new LTE system they are implementing is ACTUAL LTE, not revved up 3G. When I travel or go to more remote jobsites, I may or may not have service. I travel to Ft Irwin on occasion, and I get service all the way up to Jackrabbit Pass, then it drops until I get back to higher elevations on base. I get service all over AV I've ever been.

They have an actual truly unlimited data program, unlike Verizon or AT&T. And if you have the limited program, it's still unlimited, they just throttle the speeds down after you hit the limit, so you don't get hit with ridiculous data charges you didn't expect.

Overall, I was pleased enough to stay when the AT&T merger fell through. If it hadn't I was moving to Sprint or going pre-paid (cricket, straight-talk, etc).
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