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I thought long and hard about my bag. To me I consider my get home bag and my bug out bag one in the same. I carry it always on me with the only difference when I am not going to and from work I add my glock 17.

I use a voodo tactical large bag when looking at it it seems over whelming, but it carries everything I need for a basic bug out and basic get home. I have been carrying it with me just to get use to it when I go hiking and while a little on the heavy side the bag carries the weight well.

I work on military base which is why I do not carry my glock in my truck. I work about 25 miles from home and I figure if I can make it to the fashion valley area I can hike it out along mission trails to stay off the beaten path till I can make it home.

Since my bag is dual use I have 72 hrs worth of food for my son and I.
My son is 7 and with a heart problem he tires easily so I chose to give him a bag with mainly water and clothes and I carry the brunt of it. I keep water and purify tablets as well as a smaller stove and a msr propane can. I keep all the essential survival things in my back first aid and emergency blankets. (I might do a wright up on my bag soon for outside opinions) I have change of
Clothes and hiking boots in my car.

When hiking or anywhere else than going to work I add my glock 17 w/ mags of Ammo and my black hawk holster.

I haven't weighted my bag but I would assume in the 20-25lbs range. I know some people wouldn't like that heavy but since I have been hiking with it
Every where I go I am use to it now.
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