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I work 2 days a week about 110 miles from home. I am an EMT and carry 2 full medical trauma bags, clothes for a week and a survival bag with matches, lighters, space blanket, tarp, plastic bags (The biggest green ones you can find), binoculars, some food bars, several bags of almonds, water filtering kit, pint water bottle, rope, flashlight, shoes and a change of clothes. I try to carry several hundred dollars with me, several knives. I would hate to think about having to walk 100 miles home but what can you do except prepare. I have slept outside many times and I know how cold it can get. Being able to start a fire and having plastic bags to break the wind makes a world of difference. Having several flashlights is fine, except you have to remember to use them when it is appropriate.

Something I should have but don't is fishing line and fishing equipment. After a day or two, catfish from the canals are going to be looking mighty fine. A net would be a good idea as well, quick and lightweight.

Nightvision glasses would be really nice, but not something I can afford.

I have 3 packs of playing cards. Lightweight, good to start fires and for trading.

A gun would be nice, but then you come back to A) long distance - someone with a rifle could pin you down till dark B) Lightweight pistol - Nice to have a Kahr PM40 and 3 full mags but that rifle can shoot much more accurately from a distance C) Defense shotgun - who wants to argue with a shotgun at any short range, and you can fire slugs accurately to 100 yards
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