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Default Get Home Bag - GHB

There is a lot of discussion here regarding bug out bags, much of it very good. As this IS a California based forum, I think it is wise to consider the Get Home Bag as an essential.

Many Californians work 25 miles or more from home. When the BIG ONE hits, do you think you can drive home? Have you counted the number of bridges you drive on in your commute. How many underpasses? Do you always have enough gas in your tank to make it home when you arrive at work, or do you sometimes have to gt gas on the way home? When San Andreas moves big time there may not be electricity to run the gas pumps for several days.

You should have a bag that contains some basic protection against the elements, food, water, basic first aid, walking shoes and other essential items in your car at all times.

I work 43 miles from my home, by freeway miles. If I can not drive, I am prepared to make the trek home, even though it will take a second day to make it.

How about sharing what items you believe essential to make it home from work when California has the big Rocker?
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