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Originally Posted by GeoffLinder View Post
You have got to be joking! First off, don't get so butt-hurt right out of the starting gate! i replied in a tiny bit of jest mode in the first place, then said "just kidding" and meant it, and then finished by wishing you a genuine happy birthday.

You seem to be hung up on nomenclature and are getting a bit too twisted about this. Lighten up a bit and understand that I meant nothing more than to jest a little and then also wish you well. OK
Fair enough...
Originally Posted by GeoffLinder View Post
Hey, could you hang a little more stuff on that carbine, there is still a couple square mm of unused space, LOL, just kidding, happy B-day :-)
Hey, could you possibly stop spewing crap, it's obvious you can't tell a M4 carbine 14.5" barrel from a A4 20" barrel, LOL, just kidding, have a nice day :-)
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