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Originally Posted by GeoffLinder View Post
I know, I know, there are many schools of thought on this. Some folks call short gas system's carbines, and full length gas system's (AKA rifle length) rifles.

Then there are the old school folks who call all AR's carbines in reference to the M1A being the only thing that should be called a rifle because it's .30 caliber.

Myself, I feel they are interchangeable and gas system length really doesn't matter.

But, yeah, 16" M4 = Carbine. 20" AR = Rifle. In most circles anyway
What ever, it's obvious you & your crony where trying to be cute & mock me. I've been issued an A2 Rifle, A4 Rifle & M4 Carbine.

On my A2 the only attachments I had was an M203 with quadrants & leaf sites. On my A4 & M4 we had the same flashlight, BUIS & broomstick that's on my BCM A4. Our DMR's run the same power scope that I have on my BCM except the Corps uses Leapold, I don't have that kind of cash.

My rifle looks like any other typical AR, optic, BUIS, broomstick & flash light. I added the stock because the Corps at one time was testing this VLTOR stock. About the only thing that would even remotely deserve critisim is my use of a MRD at 1 o'clock but that is also gaining momentum in the AR community.

My BCM is setup exactly how I would setup my issued weapon when deployed. I have no idea where or why you felt the need to critique me but I'm more then willing to compare resumes on actual real world usage of this platform.
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