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Starting with Post #498

Originally Posted by Addax View Post
We won't have any uppers ready for several months due to the focus on lowers right now.

Once the dust settles in the coming months, and we can get a clear idea on delivery for certain components and raw materials, we will make a run of uppers, and we still want to engage in an upper receiver group buy to help raise more funds for CGF.

Originally Posted by Addax View Post
We will keep the Group Buy list handy, and as soon as we are able to get an upper receiver group buy started, we will give priority to the Addax-CGF Group Buy members.

We will offer two options:

1) Just the upper receiver with special CGF logo

2) Complete special upper receiver assembly just for this group buy.

We will be waiting a while before we kick off another group buy, especially when certain parts and materials are backordered anywhere from 6 months-12+ months.

Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
Yeah when there is a new group buy, it would be posted here in the Addax forum just like this one with all the details.

Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
I can't speak for Addax but I think he hasn't seen this message so I'll reply and they can correct me later if need be.

In past discussions when we've spoken about these group buys. The consensus is that it's definitly more simplistic/streamlined to offer one product instead of variations which complicates the logistics significantly not to mention the part availibility given the current market.

So I expect it will be one option. Hope that helps.
Originally Posted by Addax View Post
Yes, we will be offering one caliber (5.56) for the complete upper assembly.
Originally Posted by Addax View Post
We are currently working on several 5.56 complete upper receiver ideas / spec's, and pricing.

Our goal is to be able to produce one special 5.56 Group Buy Upper Receiver Assembly at a reasonable cost, while being able to donate funds to CGF, cover our costs, and make the end users feel that they are getting something really special.

Sounds like this could be this Summer or even Fall before the next group buy assuming the gun parts supply situation starts to return to normal.

I'll be checking this thread at least once a week in the coming months.

While you're waiting, use the power of your mind to practice dry firing your stripped lower receiver. If one can drink tea from an empty cup, one can certainly dry fire a stripped lower receiver.

Drinking tea from an empty cup -

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She had shown him how. "You think reality into the cup, you think the cha there - the warm, pale-green drink of the gods. If you concentrate hard ... Oh, a Zen teacher could show you, Anjin-san. It is most difficult but so easy. How I wish I was clever enough to show it to you, for then all things in the world can be yours for the asking ... even the most uobtainable gift - perfect tranquility."

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