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Default terrible reputation

Originally Posted by Stockton View Post
Anyone buy from Northwest Territorial Mint?
Northwest Territory Mint has a terrible reputation. Look it up. I started to buy from them when I first got started. They were even sued by the government a few yrs ago because of their terrible shipping practices.

It's because of what I found with them & the realization that any company can have delivery issues that I buy local only. I now have a great relationship with my coin dealer.

Remember MF Global. The people who had purchased PM's through them which had not shipped out yet (some of it being held on their clients behalf) took a haircut along with those who had actually lost their financial (dollar) investment.

When the crisis hits it will be quick. Anything in the pipeline (awaiting delivery) will be lost. Do you want to take that chance.

I will say this. NWT has an office in Washington. You can walk in, buy your PM's and walk out.
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