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Default Candy rock quarry off highway 4 near Murphys

I made the trip out there yesterday, to find a pretty bad dirt road to drive down for about 15 minuets, then hike 3/4 of a mile because they closed the rest of the road till April 15th it was steel as hell and I'm not in the best shape, I had to opt to leave some stuff behind in the car because I didn't want to hoof it all up. Wasn't really anything spectacular just a good berm you could use and may 150 yards worth of length.

The only part that made it worse was that in the two and a half hours we had LEO come out twice first was one saying I am just making rounds. The second was a very nice guy but ran every gun there to check if it was stolen, between the 5 my group had and the 5 the other group had it was about 45 min lost for the short amount of time. I probably won't go back since I don't own a vehicle that can make the trip.

Just a heads up in case any one else was thinking about heading that way
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