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The 285 part is the video card series from Nvidia that is listed as the base model of what will run Skyrim at "very high/extremely high" settings (per skyrim's minimum system requirement webpage).

Just remember, when you start to dive into Intel vs. AMD, it's as bad as saying "glock vs. sig"

+1 for newegg, I've used them for years in my own builds, and have always been treated well in terms of returns/waranty etc.

One thing I would like to suggest is, make sure you pick your components like mobo, video, and RAM, and then pick out the power supply, to make sure you pick one with enough juice. The video card will have a minimum requirement, and be sure to get plenty, since you'll more than likely upgrade parts, rather than the whole computer down the road.

Sorry, don't mean to complicate or confuse anymore, just thinking out loud.
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