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Default Anyone else having trouble buying ammo for training?

I'm curious, how many of you guys that train on your own are looking to curtail or have already curtailed your shooting sessions/training classes due to the ammo panic? I had planned to attend a half dozen or more shooting courses on my own this year but at the current price of ammo (and inability to find it at a rational price) I don't see that happening. For a variety of reasons my department only provides minimal training and will not send me to the few shooting classes they are putting on because I attended them last year... I have already had to cancel a rifle course because I cannot find .223/5.56 at a price point I can afford.

I stocked up last fall on handgun ammo with the intention of resupplying for the last 1/2 of this years training in spring, but I'm not sure that resupply is gonna happen at this rate. I even went as far as to buy a .22lr AR upper but STILL can't find that kind of ammunition (out of desperation today I finally broke down and bought .22lr ammo at the only price I could find it after two months of searching: 2 1/2x the price in November!!).

While I am all about capitalism and don't harbor ill will towards those buying ammo in front of me, I'll admit that I am starting to get extremely frustrated that the current shortage and price gouging is hampering my ability to train a critical skill set. I guess this post is mostly a chance to vent more than anything, but I am curious how many others are in the same boat I am. I know there are some who say I shoulda just bought more ammo ahead of time, but I can only spend so much of my own money ahead of time! I buy in bulk but cannot afford 3k AR rounds, 3-4k handgun, a few hundred shotgun, and then some .22lr on top of that all at once. Okay, *deep breathe,* I'm done venting.
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