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Originally Posted by hntnnut View Post
So what your saying is Remingtion sends out a percentage of its guns that arn't finished and the finish work needs to be completed by the new owner? Do they include the barrel hones to complete this work with the gun?
When I buy a gun it damn well better function with out fail.
How do you explain the broken extractor/ejector issues? sure can't blame the ammo, and the chamber issues with the 870s i'm directly connected to are NOT due to any coating that the gun came with.

Anything man made can fail. When you mass produce items, you will get a percentage with issues, doesn't matter if its a TV, washing machine, car, firearm, space shuttle, etc.

For all the problems you read of, there are thousands with no issues. Not defending Remington as I don't own one, I'm just saying **** happens.
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