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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
I shoot several hundred different new 870's Express models a year with no extraction issues and even use the worst crap out there, Winchester Universal, to test my guns. I clean the chamber before I do because they come from the factory with a presevative inside the barrel and I don't want that mess to gum up. I also keep the chamber clean on my 870's and they are all recent Express Models as is 90% of the ones I build on. Wilson Combat, Night Hawk and most all the others build on the new Express Models and have no issues. Because they clean barrels like I do.

The weapon leaves the factory and goes to a Distributor where it can sit some times for more then a year. Then it is sold to a gun shop and sit there for a long time as well. Anyone think Remington would send these weapons out with bare unprotected metal? There is no finish in the chamber and bore is there? Wonder why they don't rust after sitting for all that time.

So you have guys posting in and bashing the model yet they buy what? One or two. I buy several hundred a year and shoot every one of them and don't have issues.

Clean every new weapon out of the box. And yes, cheap ammo can cause problems and not just in the 870. In your Mossberg, in your doubles and any other shotgun out there. And yes, every now and then a chamber on a new weapon needs a light pass with a chamber hone. I have done a couple even though they were extracting OK. I have a test I do and if a barrel does not pass I fix it. I hold the barrel chamber up and drop a round in it and the turn the barrel over. If the round does not fall out easily then I might give it a light pass of a chamber hone. But I generally just hit it hard with my cleaning?polishing rig. As for the ones I have honed, two or three out of a few thousand is not an issue to me.
So what your saying is Remingtion sends out a percentage of its guns that arn't finished and the finish work needs to be completed by the new owner? Do they include the barrel hones to complete this work with the gun?
When I buy a gun it damn well better function with out fail.
How do you explain the broken extractor/ejector issues? sure can't blame the ammo, and the chamber issues with the 870s i'm directly connected to are NOT due to any coating that the gun came with.

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