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Please take a moment and email the Governor's senior advisor on renewable energy, Michael Picker. Mr Picker is really on our side he was a major player in creating SMUD (local PV rooftop generation district for Sacto). Unfortunately the big fossil fuel players (Carlysle, Goldman Sachs, Shell) are now manipulating the renewable energy game on our public lands, creating a "too big to fail" plan. BLM has offered up MILLIONS of acres for study, this is bad, really bad, we stand to loose a very significant portion of huntable BLM lands here in Southern CA. Access will be severely restricted.
Michael Picker
Senior Advisor to the Governor for Renewable Energy.
Office of the Governor.
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814.
(916) 445-7665
Sample letter to Mr Picker.
To: Michael Picker
RE: Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

I am a sportsman and a recreational vehicle user, my family and I hike, camp and hunt on our public lands. I am strongly opposed to allowing any more utility scale renewable energy projects and transmission lines on our public lands. The public, to whom the land belongs, not Wall St bankers, lose recreational opportunity, intact ecosystems become permanently fragmented, Indian cultural resources are destroyed. Community owned power districts as in Marin County and local distributed generation as done in Germany, Spain and Australia is a viable option for California instead of saddling the tax and rate payers with an irreversible "too big to fail" energy sprawl on our public lands. Additionally, Investing in this ill conceived plan seriously undermines the implementation of distributed generation and community owned power districts.
Protect public lands access
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