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I usually shoot cheap CCI Blazer bulk on steel with a CZ 455FS. If I do my part I can hit the smallest steel targets on the 100 yd. line every time at Angeles. Those are about 4-5 inches wide, so my group is somewhat less than that, and I shoot with irons only in an offhand position. I've never papered it (didn't buy the rifle for that purpose), but some day I might. All-in-all an excellent gun.

In terms of price/performance ratio, I would say top spot is a draw between Savage and CZ. In terms of raw performance: Kimber 82G, Anshutz, or a 10/22 with $1000.00 of parts. I would personally consider those true tackdrivers. To me a CZ is like a BMW, Benz, or Lexus... it's very nice, but then there's Ferrari's and Lambo's... or the Civic that turned into a 150mph street racer (I'm looking at you 10/22 :P).
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