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Originally Posted by ScramblerX View Post
I just shot my M&P 22 and it shot the same, 3-4" high and to the left.
I tried to lower the sight a few clicks, tried again, and again. The sight slopped clicking and the rear sight would not go lower even through you could still push the blade down and it would spring back up. really aggrivating. still shooting about 2" high.

My M&P has the blue toctight on it also, but i did not try to budge it.
Spoke to one of the guys at Oak Tree today. After looking my pistol and target, he said, "I've heard that's an issue with some of the M&P .22s. Suggest you call S&W and ask them to deal with it." Also, watched Nutnfancy video on the M&P .22. I do recall him saying that he did have some issues and returned it to S&W. Calling S&W in the morning and asking them to address the issue.
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