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Originally Posted by Andrew92 View Post
I was wondering what the laws were for carrying an unloaded shotgun in a gun rack in the back window.
Hopefully you live in the far, far north or the far, far east of our state. Otherwise, you're trolling for trouble. Real or imagined.

Originally Posted by Andrew92 View Post
Is it illegal though? I'm asking if anything to do with the long gun open carry law That changed at the beginning of this year effects it at all. And in terms of school zones, does a locking gun rack comply?
Originally Posted by Andrew92 View Post
I don't understand the fear of carrying in my truck. I don't plan to just irresponsibly leave the gun in the car wherever I go. It's for transportation purposes, and I don't feel I should have to jump through hoops to exercise my should be right.
I will never understand anyone that willfully tempts fate but I'm sure we'll see them whine here if fate makes a visit.

Why would anyone advertise they own firearms? Putting the legalities and LEO's aside, you're attracting attention of the wrong kind that when attracted, will not be kind.

As far as jumping through hoops, feel free not to jump but be man enough to accept the consequences.

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