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Default DROS submission issues (was Multiple C&R handgun purchase issues)

Is anyone else having problems with doing multiple C&R handgun purchases where it does not allow you do enter in a second one? Also do you have to deal with being billed the correct amount?

I enter the DROS as a C&R/exempt (not the normal handgun dealer sale) and under the waiting period exemption I mark it as "collector", since a person with a C&R FFL and COE is exempt from the waiting period. There is a 1 in 30 exemption, but that does not mean that the person is exempt from the waiting period. The HSC exemption is X13, but that does not apply to the waiting period. I enter in all the information on the purchaser and firearm and once that is submitted, I press the "multiple handgun purchase" at the bottom, enter in the next firearm information and when I press submit, it rejects it claiming that it is not exempt from the 1 in 30.

I have to start all over again, re-entering the purchase's id and all that and it accepts it, BUT I am then not billed the proper amount and instead charged $25, instead of $21. I then call to get a credit, which used to work better, but now they say I have to wait until I receive the invoice (better to keep my money).

They also say that no one else is complaining, but that might be a stock answer.
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