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I dont have any experience with the sigma, I have a P95, and I don't like Glock ergonomics.

Ive had my P95 for a few years, its been great. It eats any ammo I feed it and is solid as a rock. The only time I had an issue with my ruger was new out of the box. I tried firing new right out of the box and it was a little too greasy, it would stove pipe every few rounds. After the 1st cleaning it has functioned flawlessly.

One thing about the ruger is the de cocker, I liked to carry it with a round in the chamber but the hammer down.

Right now my favorite handgun is my M&P 45, I put a fiber optic front sight on it and its a blast to shoot.

My advice to you is to save up a little more and get the gun you want + extra mags/ammo and a handgun safe.
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