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Question No luck with holsters, eh?

Originally Posted by Vampyredark View Post
So, I have not had good luck with holsters. They are ALL too bulky for me.

My pistol has no external safeties, and a 6lb trigger pull. Is it safe to carry without a holster and just tucked in the pants?
What make and model of gun?

If you want to go for the minimalist approach...

The Yaqui style of holsters is unobtrusive yet still retains the gun well.

Or, there's this option...

Same sort of "minimalist" idea, but in nylon.

Or, if you want a built-in belt/holster...

...and here in leather...

Even a half-way decent holster is better than just shoving a loaded weapon in your waistband or pocket without a holster. Muzzle awareness and trigger safety are both issues that come to mind. For your safety, and the safety of others, get a holster. Or, here's what can happen...

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