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Originally Posted by Meety Peety View Post
Damn dude are you trolling right now? If not that's pretty intense. Like, you might have just graduated form Airsoft to RS, that kind of intense. Where is my eyes exploding emoticon

Lol, didn't you know spending $3500 for a NHC is only because they use fancy metals?

But seriously just look at that picture he posted. Cheap *** red dot on a shotgun with Hornady Zombie 12 gauge rounds, a cheap Ka-Bar knock off, and a flashlight in an illogical position. He's obviously new to guns and is just buying **** that looks cool without any understanding of what he's actually doing.

Just live and let live. If he wants to be cheap with his stuff, it's his prerogative.
Originally Posted by JeremyS View Post
And menstrual cramps? Seriously, you [nrakid88] have complained about more things here than I think I have ever seen in a single thread ...air quality, noise, discomfort from glasses, "feminine attributes," and "macho masculinity," and sexism (there's an ironic disconnect here somewhere), compassion, grammar, people "tearing you down," your more-sensitive-than-normal ears, people who you perceive to be recoil-sensitive, how you "FEEL", liberals........ are you for real???
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